Freshly Baked Flatbread
drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & sprinkled with sea salt $4.5
or topped with wild arugula, freshly grated parmesan & roasted garlic $6

Gertie Fries 
skinny fries with pan fried chorizo, red onions, sweet chili & mozzarella $9
vegetarian version: roasted red peppers, red onions, mushrooms, sweet chili & mozzarella $8

Classic Caesar $10
crispy romaine lettuce, roasted garlic dressing, pine nuts, Grana Padano & focaccia croutons

Summer Woodfire Salad $10
organic Gabriola greens with sweet pickled red onions, green peas, toasted walnuts & crumbled goats cheese with a grainy mustard vinaigrette

Gabriola Greens $10
organic Gabriola greens, sautéed new potatoes, grape tomatoes, black olives & shaved fennel, creamy saffron vinaigrette

Turn your salad into an entree by adding any of the following

  • roasted lemon pepper chicken breast, add $14
  • flame grilled prawn skewer, add $13
  • chargrilled salmon fillet, add $12
  • crispy blackened cod fillet $12


Soup of the Day $8
made with fresh seasonal ingredients & served with fresh focaccia bread

Pizzas (10”/14”)

Sandwell $18/24
prawns, spinach, smoked bacon, baby mozzarella & herb lemon butter

Jackpine $18/24
Italian sausage, jalapeño peppers, green peppers, red onions & smoked cheddar

* $1 from every Jackpine  pizza sold will go towards the Arts Council’s Building Fund for the Jack Pine Cabin in honour of Jeff Molloy

The Galleries $17/23
twice smoked pepperoni, green peppers, grape tomatoes, black olives & asiago

Decourcy $17/23
smoked bacon, fresh pineapple & pepperdews

The Commons “>$18/24
chargrilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, asparagus, artichokes, grilled zucchini, black olives, basil pesto & feta

Briscoe Bay $18/24
cream sauce base, grilled breast of lemon chicken, roast garlic, baby spinach, red onions & feta

Tunnel $17/23
portobello mushrooms, spinach, pesto, smoked mozzarella & truffle oil

The Breakwater  $19/25
cream sauce base, Canadian rock crab, cilantro, green onions, fresh red chilies, green peppers, grape tomatoes, parmesan  & mozzarella, finished with lemon herb butter

The Brickyard Beast $19/25
chipotle bbq sauce, Italian sausage, grilled chorizo, bacon, pepperoni, red onions, mushrooms & shaved asiago

Phase Four $18/24
gorgonzola, mozzarella, asiago, brie, roast red onion balsamic jam & arugula

The Woodfire $12/18

fresh tomato sauce & mozzarella

gluten free alternative for all our 10″ pizzas, add $2

14” | vegetables $2.5 / meat, fish or cheese $3

10” | vegetables $2 /meat, fish or cheese $2.5


grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers, pesto, spinach, red onions, fresh pineapple, mushrooms, asparagus, black olives, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, green peppers, artichokes, jalepeño peppers, roasted garlic, chargrilled eggplant, pepperdews, fresh red chilies, pine nuts & caramelized onions


bocconcini, mozzarella, goats cheese, smoked mozzarella, smoked cheddar, gorgonzola, feta & asiago


smoked bacon, prawns, pepperoni, lemon pepper chicken breast, Canadian rock crab, grilled chorizo & Italian sausage

Please advise when ordering of any allergies or intolerances. Not all ingredients are listed in our dishes.


Braised Beef Ravioli $19
tomato sauce, cream, sun dried tomatoes & olives with fresh herbs & grated parmesan cheese

Seafood Fettucine $18
steamed mussels, clams, prawns & scallops, chipotle cream sauce

Mediterranean Fusilli $16
grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, asparagus, olives, artichokes & zucchini in a white wine pesto sauce, finished with feta

Add grilled chicken or prawns – Add $4

We offer a gluten free alternative for most of our pasta dishes ~ add $2 
Lactose free cheese is also available.

Flame Grilled Burgers

All our burgers are served on a house made focaccia bun. Gluten free bun available ~ add $2

The Woodfire $17
house made chuck steak beef burger, smoked cheddar, smoked bacon, fire roasted onions & chipotle aioli, organic greens, vine ripened tomato & sweet pickled red onions

Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Burger $17
wild arugula, roasted red onion balsamic jam, brie & pesto aioli

Portobello Mushroom $16
chargrilled portobello mushroom topped with gorgonzola cheese, spinach, caramelized onions & chipotle aioli, organic greens, vine ripened tomato & sweet pickled red onions

Blackened Cod Fillet $16
crisp fresh kale slaw & sweet chili & lime aioli

All our burgers are served with skinny fries & your choice of caesar salad or organic artisan greens.


House Cut Kennebec Skinny Fries $5.5
double fried Kennebec potatoes seasoned with our island spice blend, served with your choice of aioli

Truffle Fries $7
seasoned & finished with truffle oil & fresh parmesan, served with your choice of aioli

Organic Artisan Greens $5

Classic Caesar Salad $5

Kale Slaw $5

Wood Fired Vegetables $5

Fresh Baked Focaccia Bread $2.5

Aioli (chipotle or garlic) $1.5

Grated Fresh Parmesan $1.5


Sun Burnt Lemon Tart $7
raspberry sorbetto and berry compote

Dark Chocolate and Espresso Panna Cotta $7
strawberries & whipped cream

Baked New York Style Cheesecake $7.5
chocolate, caramel & toasted pecans

Please advise when ordering of any allergies or intolerances. Not all ingredients are listed in our dishes.