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From our kitchen to yours, we’ve made a variety of our imported Italian ingredients available for home cooking. High quality extra virgin olive oils, beautiful artisan pastas, exquisite olives and much more are all in stock and available for purchase during normal business hours. Buon appetito!

Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml $9.5

Made only from Nocellara del Bellice olives which are recognized world-wide as the source of top quality extra virgin olive oil. Excellent to dress pizza’s and pasta’s or as a finishing oil on a plate of Antipasto.

Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml $6.5

A high quality lighter extra virgin olive oil from the heart of Italy. Ideal for dressings or cooking.

Aceto Balsamico Di Modena – 250/500ml $11

Casa Cremonini balsamic vinegars are the result of a long cooking tradition which takes the very best from grapes and turns it into dark brown ambrosia.

Aceto Balsamico Di Modena – 250ml $21

A higher grade aged balsamic vinegar great for finishing dishes with.

La Rosa Gluten Free Pastas – 250g/500g $4.5

La Rosa’s factory is exclusively dedicated to the production of dried gluten free pasta, in order to exclude any cross-contamination during processing. High quality Italian pasta produced in the traditional way, resulting in an excellent product that is never overcooked and absorbs seasonings perfectly.

Pasta Jesce – 500g $4.5

“Pasta Jesce” is a young artisan company, founded in 2001 in the south east of Italy. They make all their pastas by hand and select only the finest raw ingredients, producing a high quality artisan style tri coloured pasta that tastes delicious.

Bariolé Giant Olives – 500g $8

Bariolé Olives are exclusively Italian olives with extraordinary size, carefully chosen from the tree, cut lengthwise and flavored according to old Calabrian recipes. Unique flavor, lively spicy, but delicate: the best combination to enjoy excellent prosecco and rosé wines. They enrich the best appetizers with taste and look.

Agromonte Cherry Tomato Sauce – 330g/strong> $4.5

Agromonte Cherry Tomato Sauce is ready to eat and a perfect partner to the artisan pastas It is produced only with Sicilian cherry tomatoes, and is processed with natural methods using only high quality raw material and bottled within 8 hours from collection.

Italissimo Truffle Oil

High quality blended truffle oil ideal for dressing pastas & mushroom dishes and a perfect finish on pizzas. Featured on our Tunnel Pizza.

Morabito Sundried Black Olives $4

Located in the beautiful scenery of the Calabrian lands, which is rich of everlasting tastes, Morabito boasts a perfect union between innovation and tradition, for the attainment of unique products, with unmistakable taste. Beautiful black Calabrese olives sun dried and full of flavour.

De Cecco Pastas

De Cecco’a passion for quality is very tangible. Their pasta is made with the finest durum wheat, which is why experts inspect the harvest fields checking the quality of the wheat before it is selected.

Leoane Sweet Assorted Candy Tins $5