Special Occasions

Special Occasions

New Year’s Eve @ Woodfire

This will be the only menu available on New Year’s Eve, and the take-out menu will be reduced to pizzas, salads, and desserts to facilitate the kitchen offering this special menu.
Reservations very much appreciated so we may staff accordingly.
Reservations: 250 247 0095
Thank you for your support.

Thanksgiving at Woodfire

Enjoy Thanksgiving weekend at Woodfire this year with our full regular menu plus our Thanksgiving Specials.

We will be open from 4 – 9 pm every day this Thanksgiving weekend, and the specials menu will be available Saturday through Monday.
We will be allowing 2 hours for each table and very much appreciate you making a reservation so we can try to squeeze as many people in as possible. We also appreciate timely arrivals for takeout orders and reservations.
Please wear a mask when you arrive at Woodfire. You may remove it once you are seated. Staff are also wearing masks now for your safety.
Reservations: 250 247 0095
Take-Out: 250 247 0093

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