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Rain Coast Wild Mushroom Spice


Rain Coast Wild Mushroom Spice
Deep, dark, & intoxicating – secret weapon for stocks, soups, & sauces!




This unique and intense spice blend of wild mushrooms & smoked salt, combined with a variety of herbs & spices, will add a new taste sensation to any dish. Use it to flavour soups, gravies, sauces & casseroles, or sprinkle on roasted meats & vegetables – then sit back and enjoy the wow factor of this bold spice blend.

Add Rain Coast Wild Mushroom Spice to butter to make a delicious flavoured compound butter for use on roasted veggies, or sprinkle some in your favourite burger or veggie burger recipe to add a great depth of flavour.

Ingredients: applewood smoked kosher salt, wild BC mushrooms, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, smoked paprika, black pepper, coriander, thyme, fennel seed, oregano, bay leaf

Ingrédients: sel fume, champignons sauvages, flocons de piment rouge, poudre d’ail, paprika fume, poivre noir, coriandre, thym, graine de fenouil, origan, bayleaf