Packaged Liquor Sales


Freshly Baked Flatbread
drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, & sprinkled with sea salt $6
topped with wild arugula, freshly grated parmesan, & roasted garlic puree $8
with fresh basil, balsamic red onion jam, & double cream bries $10
with warm citrus & chili marinated olives $12

gluten-free alternative for all of our flatbreads, add $3

Soup of the Day $10
made with fresh seasonal ingredients, & served with fresh focaccia bread

Gertie Fries $12
double fried house cut skinny fries with your choice of
pan-fried chorizo, red onions, sweet chili, & mozzarella
or roasted red peppers, red onions, mushrooms, sweet chili, & mozzarella

Classic Caesar $15
crisp romaine lettuce, with a creamy roasted garlic dressing, grano padano, & focaccia croutons

Summer Woodfire Salad $14
wild baby arugula, artisan greens, toasted walnuts, sweet pickled red onions, green pea sprouts,
& goat cheese, with a grainy mustard & balsamic vinaigrette

Pizzas (10”/14”)

Sandwell $21/27
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, prawns, fresh baby spinach, smoked bacon, baby mozzarella, & herb lemon butter

In memory of the Quinsam $20/26
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, twice smoked pepperoni, red onions, roasted red peppers, & shaved asiago

The New Fire Truck $21/27
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy ground beef, peppered maple bacon jam, jalapeños, & smoked cheddar

Decourcy $19/25
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked bacon, pineapple, & pepperdews

The Ripple Beach $20/26
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil pesto, chargrilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, asparagus, artichokes, grilled zucchini, black olives, & goat cheese

Tunnel $19/25
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil pesto, crimini mushrooms, baby spinach & smoked mozzarella, finished with truffle oil

The Gaviola  $20/26
basil pesto base, mozzarella, red onions, grilled lemon pepper chicken breast, chorizo, black olives, & goat cheese

The New Brickyard Beast $20/26
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, chipotle bbq sauce, Italian sausage, grilled chorizo, smoked bacon, pepperoni, red onions, crimini mushrooms, & shaved asiago

Phase Four $20/26
fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, asiago, brie, roasted red onion balsamic jam, & arugula

The Woodfire $13/19
fresh tomato sauce, & mozzarella
gluten-free alternative for all our 10″ pizzas, add $3


10” | vegetables $3 /meat, fish or cheese $3.5
14” | vegetables $3.5 / meat, fish or cheese $4

grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, fresh baby spinach, red onions, pineapple, mushrooms, grilled asparagus, black olives, wild baby arugula,  sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, roasted garlic, pepperdews, chargrilled eggplant, jalapeño peppers, grilled zucchini, & roasted red onion balsamic jam

bocconcini, mozzarella, brie, goat cheese, smoked cheddar, gorgonzola, asiago, & parmesan

smoked bacon, prawns, pepperoni, Italian sausage, grilled chorizo, grilled lemon pepper chicken breast, & spicy ground beef

Please advise your server of any allergies or intolerances when ordering. Not all ingredients are listed in our dishes.

Flame Grilled Burgers

Our burgers are served with both hand-cut skinny fries and your choice of artisan green salad or classic caesar salad.
Gluten-free bun available ~ add $3
Upgrade to smoked rosemary & parmesan fries, $1.5

The Woodfire Burger $22
somerset Farms 100% beef patty, smoked cheddar, smoked bacon, fire-roasted onions, & chipotle aioli, artisan greens, vine-ripened tomato, & sweet pickled red onions

The Fire Truck Burger $22
somerset Farms 100% beef patty, smoked cheddar, peppered maple bacon jam,& jalapeño aioli, artisan greens, vine-ripened tomato, & sweet pickled red onions

Crispy CodBurger $20
crispy battered ocean wise pacific cod, fresh kale slaw, & jalapeño aioli

NEW Chargrilled Chicken Burger $20
fresh chicken breast, marinated with WoodfireSpice Gulf Island Lemon Pepper Seasoning, wild arugula, goat cheese, crushed avocado, & truffle aioli

NEW Portobello Mushroom Burger $20
chargrilled portobello mushroom, bbq sauce, fire roasted onions, mozzarella, fresh baby spinach,  vine-ripened tomato, & sweet pickled red onions

“Impossible” Burger $20
plant based vegan burger patty, daiya cheese, crushed avocado, pico de Gallo, wild baby arugula, served on a dairy free focaccia bun

Wild Sockeye Salmon Burger $22
Wild sockeye salmon fillet, marinated with WoodfireSpice Salish Sea Salmon Spice, wasabi soy aioli, & pickled cucumber


House Cut Kennebec Skinny Fries $8
seasoned with our Island Spice Blend, served with your choice of aioli

Smoked Rosemary Salt & Parmesan Fries $9.5
double fried Kennebec potatoes, seasoned with WoodfireSpice Smoked Rosemary Seasoning Salt, & fresh parmesan, served with truffle aioli

Fresh Baked Focaccia Bread $3

Aioli (chipotle, garlic, sweet chili lime, truffle, jalapeño, or pesto ) $2

Grated Fresh Parmesan $2


Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding $8.5
caramel sauce, & vanilla gelato

Lemon & Lime Cheesecake $8.5
with a fresh thyme, & graham crumb crust, white peach coulis, & whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffle Cake $8.5
black cherry compote, & whipped cream

White Chocolate & Strawberry Mousse Cake  $8.5
vanilla shortcake, strawberry puree, & whipped cream

Please advise your server of any allergies or intolerances when ordering. Not all ingredients are listed in our dishes.

Packaged Off-Site Liquor Sales

red wine
Blue Grouse $28
Quill Red, BC

Domaine Jean Bousquet $30
Organic Malbec, Argentina

Ravenswood Vintners Blend $27
Zinfandel, California

Bread & Butter $32
Cabernet Sauvignon, California

white wine
Bolla $25
Pinot Grigio, Italy

Michel Torino Cuma $25
Organic Torrontes, Argentina

Blue Grouse $26
Quill  White, BC

Stoneleigh $28
Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

beer & cider
Driftwood White Bark Witbier (473 ml) $6.5
Longwood The Big One IPA (473 ml) $6
Hoyne Helios Golden Lager (355 ml) $5
Hone Down Easy Pale Ale (355 ml) $5
Sleeman Honey Brown $4.5
Stella/Corona $5.5

Gabbie’s Cider (355ml) $5.5
(Groovin Granny Smith or Big Belle)
Lonetree Cider $5
(Dry, Pear, Ginger, Cranberry)
Strongbow Cider $6
15% liquor/sales tax will be added to all alcohol
A meal must be purchased with every liquor purchase.

soft drinks
Bottled Sodas $2.5
pepsi, diet pepsi, ginger ale, 7up, tonic water, soda water
Flavoured San Pellegrino $2.5