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Smoked Rosemary Seasoning Salt


Our Smoked Rosemary Seasoning Salt is lightly hot smoked over real Alderwood to give it a truly natural smoky flavour without any bitterness.

Made with Canadian Certified Kosher salt.



Our Smoked Rosemary infused seasoning salt is wonderful on roasted potatoes or to season a lamb roast.

It’s perfect as a seasoning for stews, soups, barbecued meats, and fish. It also is amazing in any poultry dish, especially as a seasoning for a roast chicken.

It’s strong robust flavour, which is synonymous with Woodfire’s Spice blends, will elevate the flavour of any dish.

Ingredients: kosher salt, black pepper, smoked rosemary, cumin

Ingrédients: sel kasher, poivre noir, fume ropheme, cumin